Strip Heater S Range



Product Code: 600S/1000S/1500S

The Hot Wire Strip Heater S Range features:

  • Working lengths are available in 600/1000/1500mm (24/40/59in)
  • Twin Wires for fast heating of materials up to 10mm in thickness
  • Adjustable wire height up to 8mm for folding a greater range of materials
  • Adjustable work stop calibrated in metric & imperial units
  • Adjustable wire spacing for different bend radii
  • Clamp beam to prevent bowing during heating cycle

Price on Application



Bend Length600/1000/1500mm (24/40/59in)

Max Thickness10mm (0.375in)

Single/Double sided heating: Single

Number of Heating Wires per Beam: 2

Max number Heater Beams: 1


This video of the 1000S will give you an idea of how well the S range Strip Heaters work:

Instructions & Data Sheet

Strip Heater S range Instructions Download

Technical Data Sheet 1 - Plastic Materials Download

Technical Data Sheet 2 - Local Line Bending Sheets Download