Thermobend Elite


Elite 48 (1250mm working length)

Elite 72 (1825mm working length)

Elite 96 (2500mm working length)

Elite 120 (3050mm working length)

Product Code: E48/E72/E96/E120

The Elite range of Hot Wire Strip Heaters has been developed to meet the exacting requirements of the modern plastic fabricator. Available in four working lengths, 1250mm (48”), 1825mm (72”), 2500mm (96”) and 3050mm (120”), the standard machine comes with one heater beam and power pack. Up to five additional heater beams and two additional power packs can be added as required.

Each Heater Beam incorporates 8 individually tensioned, low voltage resistance heating wires. 4 are located below the material to be heated and 4 above. Heating wires are fully adjustable for spacing and height, enabling materials from 1-25mm (0.040”-1”) to be heated. For larger radius bends heater beams can be brought together, forming a large uninterrupted heat band.

A 160mm spacing between the upper and lower beams allows easy material loading. At the start of the heating cycle the upper beam lowers onto the material, applying the upper heat and also clamping it. At the end of the heating cycle the upper beam raises, allowing the material to be removed and folded.

The front work table is fitted with a fixed stop to register the material to be heated. The table also houses a beam positioning system which enables any heater beam to be accurately moved to its required position. A table mounted analogue display shows the current position of each heater beam.

Price on Application



Bend Length: 1250 - 3050mm (48 - 120in)

Max Thickness: 25mm (1.0in)

Single/Double sided heating: Double

Number of Heating Wires per Beam: 4

Max number Heater Beams: 6




The standard length beam support rails allow maximum bend centres of 890mm (35”). Extended rails can be specified increasing this to 1505mm (59”) or 2160mm (85”).

The analogue beam position display can be upgraded to panel mounted 15mm LED digital readouts

A Rear Table with workstop and timer can be fitted to the machine. This enables a second operator to work independently at the rear of the machine. Heater Beams can be easily changed to operate from the rear or front workstation using table mounted selector switches.

A Rear Workstop mounted on the positioning system can be specified, giving greater flexibility for tasks where the front workstop is inconvenient.

Work support tables can be used to prevent unsupported spans of material from sagging. Support tables are manually clamped onto the base frame as required.


 This video will give you an idea of how well the Strip Heater E48 works:


This video will give you an idea of how well the Strip Heater E96 works:


Instructions & Data Sheet

Thermobend Elite range Instructions Download

Technical Data Sheet 1 - Plastic Materials Download

Technical Data Sheet 2 - Local Line Bending Sheets Download