Dome Blowing Unit 650A

Product Code: 650A

piece of material (normally Cast Acrylic) is heated in an oven. It is transferred to the Dome Blowing unit, where it is clamped under a circular ring. Air pressure is applied which blows the material up. The elastic nature of the material forms it into a uniform, hemispherical dome.

The 650A Dome Blower allows the blowing of consistent domes in a  production setting.  The machine can produce domes from 150 to 700mm in diameter, with a matching laser-cut steel base plate and ring assembly being required for each size.  One ring and baseplate set is provided with each machine.

Material to be blown is initially heated in a suitable oven, to its forming temperature.  The material is manually transferred to the 650A and clamped in place.   The Start button is pressed and the machine blows the material to a preset height.  Once at this height, a sensor that can see both coloured and clear domes switches off the incoming air.  As the air inside the dome is warmed by the hot material it expands, and the automatic cycle relieves the excess air ensuring that dome heights remain consistent.  Once cooled, the retained pressure under the dome is released and it can be unclamped and removed.

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This video will give you an idea of how well the Dome Blowing Unit 650A works:


Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet 1 - Plastic Materials Download

Technical Data Sheet 3 - Vacuum Forming Download