Dome Blowing Unit 320

Product Code: 320

piece of material (normally Cast Acrylic) is heated in an oven. It is transferred to the Dome Blowing unit, where it is clamped under a circular ring. Air pressure is applied which blows the material up. The elastic nature of the material forms it into a uniform, hemispherical dome.

Designed for free dome blowing of heated thermoplastic sheet (cast acrylic recommended) using air pressure supplied by one of our vacuum forming machines or from an independent source.Incorporating:

  • 304, 225 & 152mm (12, 9 & 6in) clamping rings (dome diameters)
  • Integral pneumatic valve for blowing process control
  • Durable rubber seal plate with air diffuser
  • Fully adjustable toggle clamps
  • 10mm(0.375in) max material thickness

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This video will give you an idea of how well the Dome Blowing Unit 320 works:


Instructions & Data Sheet

Dome Blowing Unit 320 Download

Technical Data Sheet 1 - Plastic Materials Download

Technical Data Sheet 3 - Vacuum Forming Download