Vacuum Former 248

Product Code: 248

The 248 is a semi-automatic single sided heater, vacuum former for sheets up to 1370 x 660 (54 x 26in), with a maximum thickness of 6mm (0.25in). Smaller sheet sizes are accommodated by additional, easily fitted reducing frames.

The maximum mould height is 300mm (12”).

The heater hood contains ceramic elements grouped into 32 zones controlled by a PLC. During the heating cycle pressure balancing maintains sheet level, ensuring consistent heating over the whole area.

The PLC controls the heater zones, the movement of the heater hood and platen, and the vacuum/blow cycles. Heat settings are adjusted in 1% increments and heating/vacuum /blow cycles are controlled in 0.1 second increments. Up to 40 heater and timer sequence settings can be stored in the PLC memory.

Part cooling is provided by two centrifugal fans mounted above the forming area and controlled by the PLC.

The machine is fitted with light curtain guarding, complying with current European legislation. Each unit comes with a 12 month warranty.

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  • 1370 x 660mm sheet size
  • 1333 x 622mm forming aperture
  • 32 zone ceramic heater system
  • 320 mm platen stroke
  • 300 mm maximum mould height
  • 6 mm maximum sheet thickness
  • Integral sheet cooling system
  • PLC controlled heating, vacuum & blow cycles
  • Up to 40 heating & 40 timing cycles stored in the PLC memory
  • Pressure balancing ensures even heating
  • Pneumatically operated heater hood, platen and clamp frame
  • -0.83 bar (25 in Hg) vacuum (typical)
  • Moulded RTV silicone, heat proof clamp frame seal
  • Mounted on castors for mobility.


This video of Vacuum Former 242 will give you an idea of how well the 248 works:


Instructions & Data Sheet

Vacuum Former 248 Instructions Download

Technical Data Sheet 1 - Plastic Materials Download

Technical Data Sheet 3 - Vacuum Forming Download

Technical Data Sheet 4 - Mould Making Download