Hot Wire Scuptor 280

Product Code: 280H

thin piece of resistance wire has a low voltage passed across it. This heats the wire. A piece of expanded thermoplastic material (normally polystyrene) is pushed onto the wire. The heat locally melts the material, collapsing the air pockets that it contains and allowing the wire to pass through. In this way the expanded material can be cut cleanly.

The Hot Wire Sculptor 280 incorporates:

  • 280mm(11in) cutting length
  • 635mm(25in) throat depth
  • Adjustable work guides for accurate material referencing
  • Robust polyethylene table
  • Wire bow protractor accurately sets angles, chamfers & cones
  • 5 cutting speeds
  • 3 sculpting speeds
  • Foot switch virtually eliminates fumes
  • Extended bow (1,000 mm [39.5 in]) is available

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Instructions & Data Sheet

Hot Wire Scuptor 280 Instructions Download

Technical Data Sheet 1 - Plastic Materials Download

Technical Data Sheet 2 - Local Line Bending Sheets Download