EP30 High-Production Machine

Product Code: EP30

The EP30 uses a highly developed low-mass, high flow convection heating system, with bi-directional airflow movement for even heat distribution. The loading tables are fitted with heaters and temperature control to ensure that parts are held in the optimum condition for high- quality printing.
The unique roll-out/roll-in shuttle system allows part loading and unloading to be carried out while the machine is operating, maximizing productivity.
The EP30 has an advanced vacuum system with digital control of vacuum levels throughout the transfer cycle. Vacuum is also uses for film clamping, for speed and reliability.

All operating parameters can be adjusted using the full colour touchscreen, and settings can be stored and recalled with ease. Network capability allows the machine to be configured to output production and setting data if required.

The standard machine has six trays, each with ANSI C film size. In production operation, three trays are processed while the other three are being reloaded.