Diamond Edge Polisher 1525

Product Code: 1525EP

The C R Clarke range of Diamond Edge Polishing machines will convert thermoplastic sheet edges to a brightly polished surface in one operation.

Polishing is carried out by a cutter hub fitted with diamond tooling. The cutter hub is mounted onto a variable speed precision spindle which rotates at 12000 - 20000rpm.

Feed tracks on either side of the cutter hub accurately guide the material over the cutter, which is fitted with our unique cutter cover to improve surface quality. A belt transport system feeds the material across the cutter at around 1 metre per minute, automatically compensating for different material thicknesses. Thinner panels can also be stacked together up to the maximum capacity of the machine.

The cutting process generates plastic swarf, which must be extracted from the machine using our 1525E Extraction Unit or similar.

The 1525 Diamond Edge Polisher is a bench mounted machine suitable for materials up to 25mm (1”) in thickness. The infeed and outfeed tracks are 455mm (18”) long, giving support for panels up to 800mm (31.5”) in length. Longer panels can also be processed with additional support. The 1525 removes 0.5mm (0.020”) per pass, which is ideal for smaller panel sizes.

An extraction duct is fitted, with a 50mm (2.0”) diameter outlet on the side of the machine. This can be connected to any suitable extraction system, or to the 1525E extraction unit.

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This video will give you an idea of how well the Diamond Edge Polisher 1525 works:


Instructions & Data Sheet

Diamond Edge Polisher 1525 Instructions Download

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